Relative flight training (for obtaining the A License)

If you have completed the  Progressive Free Fall training (PFF), are a solo certified and have between 10 and 25 jumps, you will be eligible for the relative flight program, also known as Post-PFF.

Required for the A License, the program usually includes 5 jumps with one instructor (5 levels) and 20 minutes of free fall simulator.

The 5 Post-PFF jumps generally take place as follows:

Jump Plane exit Free fall maneuvers Maneuvers under canopy
Level 1 Rear Floater Review of basic positions Flat turns
Level 2 Front Floater Going forward, backward, up and down Rear risers turn
Level 3 Drifting Floater Centered turns Front risers turn
Level 4 Delta dive Side slides Avoidance maneuvers
Level 5 Group exit Dive approach Break with risers
* Jump repeats may be required if levels are unsuccessful.
*Post-PFF jumps are the same as jumps with a PFF training instructor, 155$ plus taxes.


All jumps in your Post-PFF training will be filmed, which will allow you to see, with the help of your instructor, the necessary improvements.

During your Post-PFF training, you will learn:

  • Some theoretical and practical aspects of skydiving safety
  • Some equipment concepts (how to select your equipment, how to check another person’s equipment, etc.)
  • The entry order to be respected in the aircraft
  • The use of parachute safety systems (Cypress, Vigil, etc.)
  • To be an solo skydiver able of jumping in a group


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