Gear rental for our regular jumpers

Parachutisme Adrenaline offers its regular jumpers a whole range of rental equipment. We have several sizes available, ranging from 190 square feet to 300 square feet, to allow you to gradually and safely evolve into the sport. You will have access to student sails for beginners and intermediate canopies.

Characteristics of our rental equipments:

  • All equipped with Vigils
  • Harnesses manufactured by UPT and Wings
  • Navigator and Silhouette canopies for beginner jumpers
  • Pilot and Safire canopies for intermediate jumpers
  • Reserve canopies manufactured by Performance Design

The Rigging Loft

Parachutisme Adrenaline Saint-Jérôme offers all rigging services from its rigging loft. Workshops totaling more than 1000 square feet are exclusively reserved for rigging and are managed by our rigger leader Grégory Perrimond. The Rigging Team can do any required repairs to your parachutes including changing the lines of your main parachute. The rigging loft also serves a wide range of clients from other disciplines using parachutes such as glider schools, para-motors amateurs, paragliders etc.


Sports reserve repack



Cleaning your harness



Tandem reserve repack



Assembly and repack of sports reserves



Hourly rate for repairs



Parachutisme Adrénaline offers several services to licensed skydivres. In the packing area, there is a rest area with a TV on which you can see the exploits you have made in the sky. Multimedia tablets and computers are also available to watch your jumps. Our huge packing area allows you to pack in peace and relax with other skydivers before your next jump!

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You want to take advanced skydiving classes? Visit our page on the trainings that Parachutisme Adrénaline offers you.


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