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Your first parachute jump in tandem

Descriptions of the different types of jumps available are given below.


Want the most incredible experience your life? It will most likely be your first parachute jump in tandem! Only 30 minutes north of Montreal, Parachutisme Adrenaline is the perfect place for your first jump!


The tandem skydiving system is designed for two people, both you and your instructor, and is manufactured to make you enjoy skydiving while letting your tandem instructor look after the details. In short, you only have to enjoy your experience, your instructor will take care of the rest!

Parachutisme adrenaline tandem
Skydive - The Adventure Tandem

The Adventure Tandem

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The adventure tandem jump is a product which is an interesting opportunity for a first jumping experience.

  • A short explanation video on ground before the jump
  • Rental of glasses, jumpsuit and all necessary accessories is included
  • Jump up to 9000 feet
  • Pairing with small groups of three to eight people per flight
  • From 170 pounds, a 1$ plus taxes surcharge per pound will be charged up to 50$ plus taxes. 
Skydive - Regular Tandem Jump

Regular Tandem Jump

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The regular tandem jump is a product that has been offered at Parachutisme Adrenaline since the beginning. It is the product that has enabled Parachutisme Adrenaline to become one of the leaders in the industry.

  • A short explanation video on ground before the jump
  • Jump to almost 13 500 feet
  • Free fall of nearly one minute at about 200 km/h
  • Rental of glasses, combination and all necessary accessories is included
  • Pairing in small groups of three to eight people per flight
  • For a 230 pounds person and over, if the jump is possible *, an additional 50$ will be charged.

For more details on the Regular Tandem Jump, please visit FAQ.

* We guarantee that the jump is possible up to a weight of 230 pounds. Beyond that weight, we must see you in person to determine if the jump can be made.

Sequence of events

You are about to live a unique, magical and intense experience! We ask that you be available for a maximum of 4 hours from your appointment time. From ground preparation to landing, this is how your parachute jump will take place:


Please arrive at the time of your appointment with and identity card.


You will have a training course before your jump.


You will board the plane, accompanied by your instructor and wearing a jump suit and a harness.


Once the exit altitude is reached, you will jump off the plane tightly hooked to your instructor.


Once the parachute is deployed, you will enjoy a descent under canopy, then a soft landing.


Your loved ones will be able to witness your prowess and landing, since the landing area is located just in front of the main building. They will be able to share this magical moment with you!


In total, we ask that you be available for a maximum of 4 hours, starting from your appointment time. We invite you to stay with us and enjoy your day! Join the group and watch the show.


During your jump, your friends and family are welcome to come and live with you all the emotions that this extraordinary experience generates.

A waiting area is foreseen for visitors. Games for children, structures and a beach volleyball court are available for entertaining. They can accompany you to boarding the plane and attend to your landing which will take place right in front of them.

On site, refreshments and snacks can be purchased in our vending machine. Do not forget to inform your visitors about the regulations to be respected on site.

Enjoy your visit!


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